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Fine Products International is proud to present our selection of different brands of Authentic Italian Pasta.
Pasta is the foundation of exceptional Italian cuisine.Typically pasta is made from a durum wheat flour mixed with water and
formed into various shapes, then cooked and served in many number of dishes.

Anna Pasta is produced and packed in Italy using traditional methods of pasta production. The perfect blend of pure water and 100% durum wheat semolina creates a high quality nutritious product that is always consistent in taste, color and cooking time. This combination guarantees that Anna Pasta always cooks al dente, or firm in shape and rich in texture to aid in sauce absorption. From Anellini to Ziti, the Anna brand offers a complete pasta line of over 30 styles and cuts to satisfy your needs.
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Anna Pasta
Ferrara Pasta

Since 1892, loyal patrons have been enjoying unique, Italian style confections at Ferrara Cafe in the heart of New York's Little Italy. Ferrara offers an extensive variety of Italian specialty foods. Ferrara's items of course include pasta. Each item generates an excellent Italian taste that is sure to satisfy.
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Maurizio Artisan Pasta is produced in tne Gragnano region of Southern Italy, combining the finest Italian semolina with traditional methods of pasta production.
The dough is kneaded slowly to ensure the precise consistency. Once the pasta is shaped, it is dried over
time at a low temperature, allowing it to dry properly and maintain proper form. This time-honored pasta-making process is what makes Maurizio Artisan Pasta unlike any other. Click on image to shop for Maurizio Pasta
Maurizio Pasta
DeCecco Pasta
And of course - De Cecco Pasta. Once the pasta is cooked
put it on a plate without sauce and check the sweet aroma of durum wheat while it is still steaming and also the color which has to be the straw-yellow of semolina. You would be able to appreciate the full flavor, cooking firmness and roughness, which makes De Cecco unique. With just a drop of oil, pasta tasting reaches its peak and gives the tasters, with all their senses aroused, a real gastronomic experience and one that makes pasta the centerpiece of Italian food tradition.
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